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Korrlok Week, Day 3: “Tradition/Culture”


This is an end-of-season 1 AU in which Korra succeeds in saving the airbenders, but loses her bending, and is locked up alongside Tarrlok. The prompt kind of merged a little bit with Day 4’s Parents/Family. :) Rated T, word count 5.6k. 


After Korra and the firebender leave, Tarrlok paces, too overwhelmed by nervous energy to sit down again. Besides, telling them everything - telling the truth about his past, for the first time in his entire life - has left a bad taste in his mouth and made his head and eyes ache, and part of him fears that if he sits down, he will curl up on the floor, and never want to stand again.

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Braiding scene depicted from Lantur’s amazing AU Korrlok fic Strings~
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Korrlok Week || Day 4 - Family“It wasn’t my idea to take the dog with us to get the family portrait taken…”Let us take a moment to appreciate the REAL star of Strings. Who are these other people?i really just wanted to draw an adorable dog okay don’t judge me
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Korrlok Week, Day 6: “Awkward”


This Korrlok is compliant with all of my AUs - Strings, Chiaroscuro, the Culture/Tradition-verse, anything. It’s basically just a short, simple piece describing Korra and Tarrlok in the early stages of their relationship. :)

Rated T for discussion of nudity (no sex, though), 1,800 words.


Tarrlok shuts the bathroom door behind him, and the first thing he does is stride across the room to the bathtub. He starts running the hot water, and then pours the scented oils in, breathing deeply as the heavy scents of lavender and chamomile fill the room. 

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Maggie Stiefvater, The Scorpio Races






if you’re ever having problems with a boy just remember that at least he never converted his entire country to protestantism just to break up with you

oh my fucking god




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Chasing the Dragon Full Chapter 11 Preview


So Chapter 10 is taking even longer than expected. As a treat for those of you who actually follow me for fanfiction updates (all two of you), I’m posting the entirety of Chapter 11 here in advance.* It might still undergo some tweaking, but what’s here is going to be very close to the final draft. 

**Chapter 10 is more exposition and plot than anything else, so you don’t really need to read it in order to know what’s going on in 11. It will build a bit of atmosphere though, but other than that it’s a pretty standalone chapter. 

Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who actually reads this and gives feedback. It’s really great motivation to keep me writing, since I have a tendency to start projects and never finish them. So keep reading and reviewing! (And if you want to recommend my fic to others, I’d appreciate that, as well!) Okay, ending my shameless self-promotion now…

Fanfic Update: Chasing the Dragon, Chapter 11

Fandom: A:TLA, specifically TyZula (with additional canon pairings)

Rating: T

FF.Net | Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Chapter 11: The Magician

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I keep having to remind myself that it’s the lionesses that do the hunting and killing and get their faces soaked in blood I mean is there a more badass animal

the king of the jungle
in the second it’s like ‘maybe if I look away she’ll stop yelling at me’